• Quebec is the only province without a single hospital with a fragrance free policy.

    Approximately one-third of our population  experience symptoms when they are exposed to perfumes, fragrances and other scented products. Being exposed to chemicals in fragrances can lead to immediate serious health consequences for these people.

    The Environmental Health Association of Québec (ASEQ-EHAQ) is ramping up its call for signatures to their petition for a fragrance-free health care system.

    The deadline for signing this petition is May 11, 2020. 

    We strongly support this action. Will you too?


    To read more about our pervasive fragrance problem go here.

  • Action you can take today regarding post-mastectomy surgery

    Marie-Claude Belzile has organised a petition for a change in practice regarding post-mastectomy surgery. The petition was accepted in the National Assembly.

    If you want to sign the petition asking the Quebec government to give all choices in post-mastectomy surgery to patients, including the choice to live with flat breasts, go here.

    Deadline to sign: April 24, 2020

  • Breast cancer and Women of Diverse Origins: Education and Prevention

    Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. One in eight Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. However, breast cancer does not have the same incidence or impact in all populations of women. In particular, there are significant issues specific to immigrant and black women.

    In this workshop, we will look at the disease, the symptoms and how to monitor our breasts and bodies. We explain the basics of breast self-examination, a clinical examination and the breast cancer screening program, and much more.

    Our workshops are offered free of charge, but a contribution towards travel costs may be requested for organizations in the regions.

    To reserve, contact Marie Nikette Lorméus at nikette.lormeus@acsqc.ca or call 514-483-1846, ext. 2.

  • Act now to support the CEPA reform

    Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is the foundation of our environmental regulations and it needs reform.

    This legislation is outdated and makes it impossible to effectively manage the multitude of new chemical compounds used in our consumer products. Every day, Canadians are exposed to hundreds of toxic substances, many of which are associated with certain types of cancers, reproductive disorders, respiratory diseases and more. As a result, thousands of people die prematurely and millions more suffer from preventable diseases.

    Read more: Why We Need to Reform the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

  • General public workshop

    (in French only)

    with buffet offered

    No admission fee

    Voluntary contribution appreciated


    469 Jean-Talon West, room 113, Montreal (metro Parc)

BCAQc relies on membership dues and private donations to stay in operation. A stronger membership is a stronger voice. It also helps to substantiate our financial applications for government grants and private foundations. Please consider joining us today!

With your support BCAQc is working hard to get vital information about environmental and chemical links to breast cancer to the public, and we now know that our message is being heard.

There are many ways you can be involved: volunteer, write a letter to the editor, book an educational workshop for your school, community group or work place. Engage with us, follow us on social media, share your opinions and ideas – take BCAQc’s message to your community! Be a voice for a change!