Breast Cancer Action Quebec (formerly Breast Cancer Action Montreal) advocates for breast cancer prevention and the elimination of environmental toxins linked to the disease. We work to empower people to make the societal changes needed to stop the disease before it starts.



FemmeToxic's goal is to educate young Canadian women about the potential dangers of cosmetics ingredients and provide people with the tools they need to create personal change and to influence national legislative reform. Refuse to be “toxified”! Demand safer cosmetics!

Prevention and Action against Cancer and Toxicants
The PACT project is an education and mobilization project for Quebec community groups with the goals of sensitizing them to the dangers of toxicants in consumer products.


3I: Influence, Initiate, Impact is created to address the leadership component of FemmeToxic by working with five young women's community groups in and around Montreal. 3I will help promote young women's leadership in community, civic and political actions. This is an exciting opportunity for us to work with young leaders!

Hands off my Hormones! Take a Stand against Endocrine Disruptors: Campaign launched to inform people of the disastrous, multiple effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) on human health. Studies have shown them to be linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer and other chronic illnesses. They are ubiquitous; found in cosmetics, cleaners, canned foods and cars.

What's happening

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suzuki!

"Many carcinogens are "lipophilic", that is, they are attracted to fatty tissue. The breast tends to concentrate many of the chemicals we ingest and so becomes like an early warning system or canary in a coalmine. Women should be up at the ramparts over the epidemic of breast cancer and I am sure it is because we are using air, water and soil as a dump for our toxic effluents. It is a dream to think we will find some magic bullet to eliminate breast cancer when we have so polluted the biosphere."
Dr. David Suzuki, 2010

David Suzuki, you have always inspired us!
Happy birthday wishes to you!

From all of us at Breast Cancer Action Quebec.

Mar 23 2016 - 2:35pm

Two important new articles on environmental causes of cancer

Nature, Heidi Ledford, Dec. 16, 2015

Cancer studies clash over mechanisms of malignancy. Debate surrounds relative importance of environmental and intrinsic factors.




The New York Times, Nicolas Kristof, Nov. 29, 2015

"In the 1950s, researchers were finding that cigarettes caused cancer, but the political system lagged in responding. Now the same thing is happening with toxic chemicals. "





Dec 17 2015 - 3:34pm