I am asking you to consider joining an organization that I am a member of. I am impressed by what they do. Last year they celebrated 25 years of tireless work and successes. And continued fighting for the prevention of breast cancer.

  • They submitted a brief to the government’s Standing Committee which is currently reviewing the Canadian Environmental Protection Act - which regulates toxic substances poorly.

They attended a meeting between the newly formed Coalition against Toxics and the Standing Committee on Parliament Hill. Check out the video that was presented at the meeting in which BCAQc intern Gabrielle Caron expressed how she did not want her friends, her family or anybody to be exposed to toxic chemicals.

  • They expanded their Youth Program and went into high schools with a new curriculum that connects kids to their health, the environment and their communities.
  • They introduced actions against Triclosan and Atrazine, two health damaging chemicals we are exposed to daily.
  • They held a free panel with eminent Quebec scientists who work on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals.
  • And they gave umpteen presentations and valuable workshops on a host of topics.

They need you! Every dollar from your membership goes directly into their programming. And every person counts in building BCAQc’s strong membership base!

Contributions to BCAQc are tax-deductible. You will receive a tax receipt for all dues and donations. You can pay your membership fee by:

-clicking on the following link

-calling the BCAQc office with your credit card information at 514-483-1846

-sending a cheque payable to Breast Cancer Action Quebec

For more information, contact: Viorica Lorcencova at 514 483 1846 or by email