Breast Cancer Action Quebec is the only independent breast cancer organization in Canada whose mission is to work for the prevention of breast cancer and the elimination of environmental toxicants linked to the disease. We take on the tough issues ignored by mainstream organizations. BCAQc works to:

1. Educate about ...
  • environmental toxins linked to breast cancer
  • widespread exposures to cancer hazards
  • the Precautionary Principle
  • the benefits and risks of various treatments
  • current cancer research, treatment and services

 2. Advocate policies that would ...

  • decrease the amount of toxins in our environment
  • allocate more research money to help find the environmental
    causes of breast cancer

3. Support ...

  • individuals in their right to have a strong voice in decisions
    about their diagnosis and treatment
  • efforts to improve services, health care, and health policies

4. Network ...                                                                 

  • to create a resource-sharing community of women who
    care about the issue of breast cancer
  • to encourage other breast cancer organizations to join
    the fight for prevention of the disease, as well as for                                         
    improvements in diagnosis and treatment