• Toxic Substances. Great Q & A.

    Our online TOXIC BEAUTY panel discussion generated a lot of interest. The questions that the public asked and the answers that our panelists gave went straight to the heart of the issues raised in the film.

    If you missed it, it is not too late. Here is the recording of the event.

    Watch the recording of the panel

  • We missed seeing you this spring. Can you help us now?

    One thing that definitely changed this year was that we lost our spring fundraiser. Always such a boost to our organization both financially and socially, this year’s ZUMBATHON and accompanying funding drive were postponed until next year.

    If you find yourself able to make a donation to us, please consider doing it today. Every penny counts and we greatly appreciate your efforts!

  • Breast cancer and Women of Diverse Origins: Education and Prevention

    Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. One in eight Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. However, breast cancer does not have the same incidence or impact in all populations of women. In particular, there are significant issues specific to immigrant and black women.

    In this workshop, we will look at the disease, the symptoms and how to monitor our breasts and bodies. We explain the basics of breast self-examination, a clinical examination and the breast cancer screening program, and much more.

    Our workshops are offered free of charge, but a contribution towards travel costs may be requested for organizations in the regions.

    To reserve, contact us at info@acsqc.ca.

  • Act now to support the CEPA reform

    Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is the foundation of our environmental regulations and it needs reform.

    This legislation is outdated and makes it impossible to effectively manage the multitude of new chemical compounds used in our consumer products. Every day, Canadians are exposed to hundreds of toxic substances, many of which are associated with certain types of cancers, reproductive disorders, respiratory diseases and more. As a result, thousands of people die prematurely and millions more suffer from preventable diseases.

    Read more: Why We Need to Reform the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

  • Book a workshop

    We offer workshops on environmental health and toxic substances, breast cancer prevention, reform of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and many other topics. We offer them in person, when permitted, or online via Zoom.

    All our workshops will be available, tailored to your group.

    Check out our list of workshops and contact us at info@acsqc.ca.

Dr Liz O'Riordan
Photo credit: liz.oriordan.co.uk

By Patricia Kearns

I found this article very special for a number of reasons. 

Liz Ball MD or  Dr. Liz O'Riordan, as she goes by on social media, writes from the place of being both a breast surgical oncologist and a breast cancer patient. In the essay you'll find here, she writes to her fellow doctors, but we patients have access to her words too.

And they are very honest. She wants her colleagues to learn from her experience so they will provide for their patients things they badly need. Things that she had not thought about  before she became sick with breast cancer herself. 

Reading O'Riordan also made me reflect on how my own breast cancer surgeon communicated the hard news about my biopsy being positive for cancer in a very humane way. Much later, I learned that my doctor had lived through cancer himself.

Read article

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