At BCAQ, we believe that knowledge is power. We are committed to developing analyses and language that are as inclusive as possible of gender diversity in all our work.

Here are four facts to raise awareness about trans and non-binary people's health:

Top surgery does not eliminate all breast cancer risk

While top surgery does significantly reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, it usually leaves some breast tissue and therefore does not eliminate the risk completely. Chest self-exams and routine checks by your doctor are recommended.

Hormone therapy & cancer

While hormone therapy is essential for many people, it is important to note that certain hormone therapies can change risks for certain cancers. This is one reason why check-ups are important. Talk to your doctor about this question and what you need to know.

Access to health services

Seeking medical attention can be very challenging. We have compiled a list of groups who offer support and advocacy for trans and non-binary people in Quebec.

We all play a part in inclusivity!

BCAQ is committed to the inclusion of LGBTQIA2+ communities in our work. The issues we work on touch people of all genders!


We are proud to be joining more than 100 feminist and social justice organizations across Canada, declaring our support for a trans-inclusive feminist movement. We reject anti-trans ideologies.  Read more

List of support and advocacy groups for trans and non-binary people

In the province of Quebec :

Quebec Trans Help Action: website and Facebook page - the organisation offers accompaniment services for medical appointments among other services

Aide aux trans du Québec: website and Facebook page

AlterHéros: website and Facebook page

LGBT+ Family Coalition: website and Facebook page

Fierté Trans - Euphorie dans le genre: website and Facebook page

Interligne: website and Facebook page - help line in French and English

In Montreal :

Centre for Gender Advocacy: website and Facebook page

Jeunesse Lambda: website and Facebook page

Project 10: website and Facebook page - the organisation offers accompaniment services for medical appointments and has a referral list, among other services

TransMontréal: website and Facebook page

West Island LGBTQ2+ Centre: website and Facebook page

In regions :


Groupe de discussion pour jeunes personnes trans et non-binaires de l'Estrie: Facebook group

Iris Estrie (Projet caméléon): website

Trans Estrie: website and Facebook page


Répertoire du Réseau des personnes alliées LGBTQ jeunesse et adultes: website

Lanaudière, Laval or the Laurentides

Le Néo: website and Facebook page


Gender Mosaic: website and Facebook page

Jeunesse Idem: Facebook page

Trans Outaouais: website and Facebook page

*There are many more support groups from all across Quebec on Facebook - not all are listed here

Pan-Canadian group:

Trans Lifeline: website and Facebook page - hotline

Other useful resources :

CACTUS Montreal: website and Facebook page: the organisation works with injecting and inhaling drug users, sex workers, and trans people

Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les enfants transgenre et leurs familles: website and Facebook page

Heads and Hands: website and Facebook page: the organisation offers medical services to young people, among other services

Institute for Sexual Minority Health: website

Professionnel.le.s en santé des personnes trans et non binaires: Facebook group

Quebec Trans-affirmative Provider List: on the ISMH website - contains a list of health professionals

*Some groups may not offer in-person services at the moment because of COVID-19.

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