Ama Maria Anney, Prevention and Strategic Development Coordinator

An Ivorian-Canadian feminist specializing in Gender and Social Policy (B.Ed, M.A.) Ama Maria Anney is a vibrant and hungry analyst /project coordinator at BCAQ. Before joining the team Ama Maria has been on the board of BCAQ since 2015 and has been an active volunteer particularly for the human resources commitee and our work on breast cancer and women of diverse origins. She has about ten years of experience in popular education, advocacy, political analysis and prevention in the Quebec feminist movement. A (re) questioning of the social pressures devolving on women at the crossroads of oppression remain her main sources of interest. 

Viorica Lorcencova, Administrator

Viorica has been BCAQ’s Administrator since 2011. Having arrived from Eastern Europe with little experience in the nonprofit sector she has adapted quickly and become an essential member of the team. She takes care of the administrative side of BCAQ, is in touch with our members and donors. Vio is also involved in communications, website and everything that has to do with financial reporting.  

Jennifer Beeman, Executive Director

Jennifer Beeman has been Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action Quebec. She has been central to developing BCAQ’s work on CEPA reform, in addition to educating and mobilization women’s groups and health groups across Quebec on toxics, women’s health and CEPA. She has developed many other dossiers at BCAQ including the youth environmental health program, breast cancer and racialized women educational program, the new “Cost of Illness” website and much else. Prior to coming to BCAQ, she worked for 10 years with an advocacy group for nonunionized women workers. She has an MA in sociology from Université du Québec à Montréal and has worked or been an activist in the Quebec women’s movement her entire adult life.