Our latest project: Cost of Illness.org

Despite our public healthcare system, a serious illness almost always brings unexpected costs to individuals and families. Depending on the situation, sometimes these costs are big. In fact, breast cancer is the poster child for a serious illness that can bring huge costs to women. We have met women who needed to go on welfare when they couldn’t work through their treatment.

For this reason, we developed a new project on the Cost of Illness with a great group of partners - Relais-Femmes, ACEF Rive-Sud, Proche aidance Québec and CIAFT - funded by the Autorité des marchés financiers. We created a bilingual website that brings users through the range of financial impacts of a serious illness and how they can protect themselves depending on their situation.

To promote the project, we will be introducing you to Anushka, Judith, Jean-Louis, Patricia and Moira - people who have faced the challenges of a critical illness and the costs associated with it. Keep checking our social media over the next weeks as we feature their stories.  

Don't miss the official launch of this new online resource to help people navigate current and future financial challenges of a critical illness or accident. Translation will be available.

WHEN: Wednesday May 4 | 12:30 - 2 pm