Why do major environmental health problems continue to be:


cast in doubt




and denied?

Toxic substances, including endocrine disrupting chemicals, continue to be used in a vast range of everyday goods and products with almost no restrictions. Yet, their profound effects on human health and the environment are no longer in doubt.

Corporations that produce pesticides asked Health Canada to increase the allowable levels of residues of their pesticide on specific fruits and vegetables. Health Canada agreed to hold consultations to move these requests forward.

The issue of exposures to toxic substances and their serious health impacts are highly gendered and sexspecific. In addition, widespread environmental racism means that Indigenous, Black and racialized communities and low-income people face higher exposures to toxic chemicals.

Groups concerned with environmental health issues need a coalition to increase the impact of their work.


Breast Cancer Action Quebec is initiating a project to create and coordinate an environmental health coalition of Quebec community groups.


If your group is interested in being part of this coalition or simply coming to the first meeting in January 2022 to see what it’s all about, contact Jennifer Beeman at coalition@acsqc.ca.